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“Mudang Magic”

In her performance memoir “Mudang Magic,” Michelle Myers explores how words can hang onto grief and how memory can create a landscape of both loss and healing. The vulnerability of her storytelling and performance allows Myers to meditate on the entwining of experience as both emotional departure and spiritual return as she shares her reflections on her relationship with her mother and of losing her mother to cancer. Myers’ performance plumbs the depths of memory and delves into the idea that, sometimes, to know who we are, we have to retrace our steps. Utilizing spoken word poetry, storytelling, and song, “Mudang Magic” joins her and her mother’s stories in a way that acknowledges that with loss comes not only deep pain but revelation and renewal.

“Mudang Magic” was presented and sponsored by The Berrie Center for Performing and Visual Arts at Ramapo College of NJ as part of its “Made in Jersey” virtual series.  It premiered as a Youtube live stream on February 11, 2021 during the COVID-19 pandemic and was followed by a live Q&A.

Music Credit: Lovely to Me (Immigrant Mother) by Taiyo Na

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